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Journey of AT-Lead

“At first they will ask why you’re doing it. Later they will ask how you did it.”

Nowadays, if we look towards the present scenario of engineering field, specially the youth who is pursuing computer science engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical and electronics, information technology etc. they all are running towards the MNC(s) and to abroad for job facility or to pursue further studies.

But not everyone wants to do a job, we had a belief to create something different and that’s how AT-Lead was created. The company was started in a very small room in fact in the very own house of the current CEO Mr. Atif Inayat Khan. He had the idea of starting a business which not only made profit but would also be considered as the best business in the Indian as well as in the international market.

When he was in his final year of graduation he started working on a project of application of Geo-spatial technology of mapping and monitoring at disintegrated level.” He was heading this project all alone whereas everyone else in his batch were in a group of 3-5 students each.

But he never let his hope down and he made his dream come true of creating AT-Lead by making a DRONE of 114gms with GPS, a camera and face recognition system all integrated into this lightest drone.


Innovative Idea

In India, there was not much advancement in the drone sector but creation of At-Lead opened a gateway to innovation and development in the aviation department of India, and hence At-Lead is the only leading manufacturer of DRONES in our country.

  • We mainly emphasize on the quality and originality  of our product.
  • These drones are used in day-to-day life activities, for entertainment purpose, videography during big public functions and for surveillance and traffic control.
  • In today’s scenario travelers are using drones for taking good aerial shots.
  • We have 7-8 types of drones with many new fresh and interesting features.
  • We also give our drones for the commercial purposes.

Right now our company has also indulged into providing seminars and workshops in many different colleges and schools across the country. We spread knowledge on many of the hot topics in the technical environment like Android Programming, Quadcopter Designing, Cyber Security and many more. We provide these workshops with the help of engineers who have high expertise in their particular fields.

Intricacy faced by us

Like every other successful start-up we also had to face many denials in the market. There were times when engineers in our company were not given their complete salary on proper time but as said earlier we never lost our optimism and continued to strive for success. Finally the day arrived when our first international contract was signed and we got a huge amount of RS 35 Lacs for the production of 200 drones. This initial seed which got sowed into our firm made us confident and helped us in pursuing our passion of working in the aviation sector i.e. DRONES.

People behind the success of At-Lead were our first two engineers from IIT Delhi, Mr. Chetan Shah and Mr. Vivek Patel, without whom this would not have been possible. They both worked day and night, didn’t take any salary for 4 months because we didn’t have any progress in making clients. They never thought that they are working for someone, instead they considered and still consider AT-Lead as their own company.

We are now promoting ourselves on many levels and it has been observed that many people are showing interest in out motto

knowledge is our power, technology is your weapon 

The quote in the starting (as said by our  founder) has made an impact on the lives of everyone who is, and has been a part of the company because they reflect the harsh reality of the struggle during initial stages of the company. As the CEO was climbing the ladders of struggle towards success, their were times when he was criticized for the work he was doing since there hadn’t been a breakthrough in the drone industry in India, but he kept on striving for success and kept working hard to reach the goal.

Now after 1 year of major breakthrough in the drone industry and the successful thriving At-Lead, the same people ask him about how he achieved this success. And all that the CEO has to say is that ignore the naysayers, stand up, work upon your dreams and make them into a reality because your biggest competition is yourself.



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