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Watchdog and Patroldog are working together in order to first detect and then collect dog poo from the streets. “Watchdog is an aerial drone that uses GPS technology to guide Patroldog on the ground”, explains Marc from Space53. The aerial drone uses modern cameras as well as thermal imaging. “This …

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Can’t hire enough waiters at your restaurant? Hire a drone

ATLead welcomes you to the future and brings to you a unique solution of “employing’ Drones and put an end to the age-old hassle of employing waiters who have high demands and less efficiency. According to a report from Singapore’s Min…

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FAA Small Drone Rules

Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) is the government organization in the US that imposes the rules and regulations on commercial aircrafts, like drones. Their regulations are often copied by other countries, but there is no guarantee. Please make yourself known if flying outside the US, the r…

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Journey of AT-Lead

“At first they will ask why you’re doing it. Later they will ask how you did it.”

Nowadays, if we look towards the present scenario of engineering field, specially the youth who is pursuing computer science engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical and electronics, information technolog…

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