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It all started 18 months ago, when Atif Inayat Khan sat by his table deciding how to proceed with his R&D Project on Application of Technology Mapping and Monitoring at Disaggregate Level. With an assiduous mindset, he set to work on creating a drone that would change the landscape of the drone industry but little did he know, that along the path of his inspirational success, he would also be altering the landscape of how start-ups are established.

As with any project, the making of a drone would require funds, and to earn sponsorships was a tedious task. However, for Atif, nothing was impossible and it was this mindset that led him to travel from Jaipur to Delhi every weekend, teaching children and earning the necessary funds through the tuition fees. Finally, after weeks of experimentation and hard work, the drone project was successfully completed. Weighing at 115 grams the drone earned its patent for its design, features and its specialty in 3D Surface Area Mapping, Geotagging and Live 3D navigation. Giving his project a last stroke, he went on to name the drone after the initials of his father Inayat-Ullah-Khan (IUK).

This achievement strengthened his belief in his ability to accomplish much more than an R&D project and he decided to take it further; to a level of recognition and the establishment of a corporation with which he could pursue his innate passion for drones.

The creation of a corporation or company is fairly difficult for any, but Atif was never held down for a moment. He began manufacturing of the IUK by himself alone and displayed it to The Delhi Police Administration and received wide appreciation for it. However, later due to governmental license and deadlines the manufacturing became difficult, but not accepting defeat he decided to manufacture the drone overseas. Coming in association with major drone companies XProHeli and Hubsan, he was able to earn the first spark to begin the establishment of his corporation with handsome seed capital. Along with his friends, Chetan and Vivek Patel of IIT Delhi, Atif began the manufacturing of his drones. For him, this was not only an opportunity to begin his company but also a gamble.

Taking the risk and making that gamble paid off in the days that followed where Atif and his colleagues succeeded in a tremendous fashion. With over 11 international contracts from countries across the globe like Japan, China, Indonesia, Canada, South Africa, Germany, Malaysia and now finally India itself, he was able to establish the company of his dreams – At Lead. Today, with 109 employees working under him, Atif Inayat Khan, CEO and Founder of AT- Lead aims to achieve a more and more success and make Indian Nation proud across the Globe and his work has already begun.

AT- Lead’s expansion across Indian states has already been initiated with offices opened at Vizag, Lucknow and the head office located Noida. Knowledge is our power, technology is your weapon. At Lead’s slogan today is a demonstration of its Founder’s exceptional dedication and enthusiasm, taking together both entrepreneurial prowess and technical methodologies, delivering an exemplary paradigm for both entrepreneurs and scientists alike.

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